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Service Divisions

One of the four pillars of AEΔ is service. Over 200 community service hours are offered every semester through various types of events. These events emphasize the importance of helping others, especially within the Gainesville community. 

AEΔ's service divisions are called A and Z divisions. As an electee, you will be assigned to one A division (15 hours), and one Z division (8 hours). Although you will need to complete the required amount of hours in your assigned division, you are welcome to attend any division's events. Between our eight A/Z divisions, there are a wide variety of events to attend. Read below to learn more about each of our service divisions!


Healing Animals

Directors: Himashi Liyanarachchi & Cole Prutzman

Mission Statement

This division is devoted to promoting the positive impact humans have on animal welfare. We do this by educating others, advocating for conservation, and coordinating service events at local sanctuaries and shelters. Our goal is to help others understand the value domestic animals and wildlife have in our lives and all around us. 


health outreach for progress and equity

Directors: Dayana Martinez & Jack Oliver

Mission Statement

This division seeks to serve a multitude of underserved, underrepresented, and underappreciated communities within Gainesville and abroad. HOPE’s goal is to provide awareness through education and service as well as an opportunity to learn about and fall in love with the diversity that surrounds us.

Stop cancer

Directors: Natasha Sequeira & Regina Pina

Mission Statement

This division focuses on providing relief to those impacted by cancer through a four-pronged approach targeting cancer prevention, psychosocial treatment, support for patients and their caregivers, and related service and education within our community.


Directors: Karina Dougary & Anisha Krishnamoorthy

Mission Statement

This division focuses on engaging with children, especially those living with disabilities or battling chronic illness, in fun and interactive settings including child care facilities, nonprofit organizations, and clinical environments. Our goal is to help children live beyond their circumstances and just be kids. 



Student arts in medicine

Directors: Charleigh Baab & Emma Noel

Mission Statement

This division is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through the arts and advocating for the implementation of arts in healthcare. SAiM’s semester activities include fundraising for Music & Memory and AED’s philanthropies, as well as volunteering with the Cade Museum, Lasagna Love, and the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire.  


students advocating informed decisions

Directors: Emily St. Pierre & Brain Dunleavy

Mission Statement

This division works to educate both college and high school students about the risks and consequences associated with alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Environmental Alliance

Directors: Jordan Buisch & Regena Darbouze

Mission Statement

Environmental Alliance works to promote and emphasize the importance of the conservation of the environment and how it affects the health of the community. 

Health & wellness

Directors: Sofia Koves & Sean Tzoucalis

Mission Statement

This division focuses on advocating a healthy lifestyle for men, women, and  children of all ages through healthy eating habits and engaging in physical activity.

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