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UF AED is dedicated to giving back to those who need it most

Every year, UF AED raises thousands of dollars to donate to Mobile Outreach Clinic, Florida Diabetes Camp, and Climb for Cancer.

Read below to find out the missions of each of our nonprofit organizations. 

Climb For Cancer

The Climb for Cancer mission is to help ease the pain and suffering of those affected by cancer. Co-founded by Ron and Dianne Farb in 2002, their small Foundation has made a tangible impact on the lives of many people fighting the disease. The Foundation has funded or created several psycho-social programs which provide support to the patient and the family, funded research grants, and given kids an opportunity to attend cancer camps. The Foundation likes to think that it’s small gifts fill in the cracks left by organizations that make much larger gifts. These small cracks are most often filled in the form of the CFC’s Harriet’s Hand Program (named after Ron’s sister who lost her life to cancer), which offsets the costs of treatment by providing gas cards, meal vouchers, and lodging to cancer families being treated here at UF Health.

florida diabetes camp

This semester, our philanthropy is Florida Diabetes Camp, which is a local foundation that provides a fun camp environment for juveniles with Type 1 Diabetes, hosted several weeks and weekends throughout the year within Florida. The organization seeks to provide a fun, safe environment for juveniles diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes while also educating them about their illness, ranging from dietary education to glucose monitoring and more. Through education, these children have the opportunity to learn that they are not alone in their fight against Type 1 Diabetes and gather the self-confidence to live normal, healthy lives with their disease. Counselors within the camp carefully monitor glucose levels, aid with adjusting insulin doses, and round with doctors to make sure each camper has the ability to have a fun, safe week at the camp. By actively checking glucose throughout the day and night, Florida Diabetes Camp ensures all campers are risk-free while providing them the ability to engage in a range of activities from swimming, kayaking, varying types of sports, and fun group activities.

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