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Involvement Divisions

The four pillars of AEΔ are Philanthropy, Professional Development, Service, and Family. We host many different events each semester that focuses on these pillars. These events have an emphasis on raising money to promote the welfare of others though creative routes, providing members with resources/opportunities to pursue their career path, and providing a social outlet for members with common interests. 


AEΔ's involvement divisions include Impact Gainesville (IG), GDEAL, Professional Development (ProDev), Public Relations (PR), Socials, Intramurals, and Fiscals. Both members and electees are to complete 2 socials, 2 intramurals, 2 Public Relations events, 3 Professional Development events,  3 GDEAL events, and 1 fiscal. Feel free to attend more than the required amount of events as each event provides a different experience. Read below to learn more about each of our involvement divisions!

impact gainesville

Directors: Genevieve Archibald, Michael Officer, & Mason Kuzmick

Mission Statement

Impact Gainesville is our philanthropy division that fundraises for AED's philanthropies. Fundraising events are both internal and external. 


global diversity, equity, advocacy, and leadership
Directors: Elisabeth Rodillas, Jayden Hughes, & Julie Hinckley

Mission Statement

The G.D.E.A.L division is a global health division that will give AED members the opportunity to engage, discuss, serve, and advocate for global health disparities. This division aims to provide a forum for AED members to become culturally competent as they go out to serve a diverse population in the future health care professions.


Directors: Emily Shoemaker, Kirrin Opiela, & Mia Cabrera

Mission Statement

The Socials Division hold events for members and electees of AED so that they may have a more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere in which to better get to know each other. These events include different socials, big/little reveal, and more.

Professional development

Directors: Reem Abdelghany, Daniel Liu, & Ashley Kung

Mission Statement

As one of the pillars of AED, our mission is to empower and support AED members in achieving their career goals by providing accessible and inclusive professional development opportunities that foster growth, enhance skills, and build valuable networks. We strive to create a welcoming and collaborative environment that removes barriers and promotes confidence, enabling individuals to reach their full potential in their respective fields.

public relations

Directors: James Leonard, Aiden Dupreez, & Camille Green

Mission Statement

This division promotes and manages communication between AED and the public. PR helps gain exposure and promotes the overall wellbeing of AED.


Directors:  Julie Fontan, Rugiero Rampersad, Rachel Wong, & Leif Holmstrom

Mission Statement

Directors of this division are the core of AED fundraising and they help to raise money for division budgets and socials while keeping dues low. Directors work with Centerplate and all of AED to work concession stands at the University of Florida gymnastics, lacrosse, basketball, and baseball games in the spring.


Directors: Sean Tzoucalis and Ella Bates

Mission Statement

Capstone allows for the development of a cohesive project that unites multiple divisions in AED for the accomplishment of a single goal. This semester we have two capstone projects. Sean is exploring local food systems from growing to harvesting and finally serving the community. Ella's project emphasizes that in order to be successful professionals in the healthcare field, we have to be successful students first!   

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