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Hey hey! Healthy minds here, we have officially launched the first episode of a podcast series titled "The Gator Grind" ! In this first episode Victoria, Sarah, Morgan, and Alvin speak on topics you all may be very familiar with; join us as we talk about the struggles of time management, school-life balancing, and burnout as associated with typical UF students. To honor these themes we summed it up into a short but reasonable title for the first episode: College struggles! Give us a quick listen on spotify whenever you are getting ready, walking from class to class, or eating lunch in the health sci library.

The graphic above utilizes a retro, spiral patterned background with visible blemishes added for visual appeal. The title is written half in blue to accompany the orange of the text bubble below, representing UF's colors. If you look carefully you may find a gator silouhette and some negative space created from a brain graphic set to the background colors. Sparkles were added for prettiness and coolness.

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